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The Systems

Specialist Manual Logmaking - Real time, web based production tracking system

A custom built KFL system. Logmaker grade outturn is recorded live to production database. This information is accessed by forest owners via web site. Cutplans are also real-time so that cutplan is modified as orders are completed. Live cutplans are communicated to logmakers via hand held PC

Fully Integrated Digital Scanner, Optimiser & Processing Plant

KFL have planned and invested in fully integrated processing systems.

Inventory Management

KFL is responsible for tracking, managing & organising all inventory and delivery.

Operational Procedures

All functions in KFL central processing sites are covered by formal procedure. These procedures ensure that best practice is maintained and training is consistent.

Staff Management & Skill Matching

Log demand and service requirements will vary. Matching operational configuration in anticipation of these variations is critical to reliable delivery to customer.

Production Management

KFL manage cutplans on behalf of our clients. KFL operationalise the grade out turn based on orders, value & stem form. This is achieved using automated, real-time cutplan communication with logmakers.